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Archtours is an expert in architectural tours

We organise high-quality study tours for groups to the most fascinating cities and growing metropolises in the Nordic countries, Europe and other parts of the world. Through Archtours, you will get a local architect guide for your tour, our up-to-date expertise in architecture, as well as any travel services you may need, from flights to hotels.

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Architectural expertise

Archtours is an expert in architectural tours. We have extensive, international, up-to-date knowledge of interesting new building projects and trends in housing and the construction industry, as well as the history of architecture.

High-quality site visits

Archtours will organise visits to key buildings and sites carefully chosen to suit the purpose of your tour. On-site visits to buildings and facilities enable you to make observations that are not conveyed by photographs.

Local expertise and networks

Your group will be guided by a local architect. Our guides work as architects, city planners and researchers, or have other similar jobs in their locations. Your local guide will participate in planning your tour programme and arranging visits to companies and buildings.

Enjoyable, smoothly running tours

If needed, we will take care of your group’s travel arrangements: flights, transportation, accommodation, visits and meals, including more formal events. Having a single operator provide all of your travel services ensures that the schedules and logistics will run smoothly.

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We organise study tours to the most fascinating cities and growing metropolises in the Nordic countries, Europe and other parts of the world. Here you can find examples of our destinations and study tour themes.

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About us

Founded in 1998 in Helsinki, Finland, Archtours produces tours into the built environment focusing on architecture and city planning with the expertise of over 20 years. Our destinations range from cities in the Nordics to all over Europe, as well as further locations globally, always expanding to the next architecturally developing area. Our custom-made tours are all guided by a local architect or expert in the field of interest and theme of the tour.

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