brand name cialis overnight We interviewed seven of our clients who took part in Archtour´s trips to one or more of the following countries, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. With one of the interviewees we organised an architectural competition workshop at Suomenlinna in Helsinki. The persons interviewed include architects, an urban planner, a municipal contruction developer, two representatives of the construction industry and one person operating in various related fields.

Read the interview of…
Mr. Pallasmaa, who took his colleagues on a tour in Finland
Mr. Narjus, who visited Copenhagen with Archtours
Mrs. Kastio, who visited Stockholm with Archtours
Mr. Forland, who visited Helsinki with Archtours
Mr. Chubbs, who arranged an architectural workshop with Archtours
Mr. Lancaster, who visited Japan with Archtours
Mr. Oppeln-Bronikowski, who visited Dubai with Archtours

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