Gert Wingårdh, the practice of Claesson Koivisto Rune and Anders Landström are among the top names in high-quality architecture in Sweden. White Arkitekter is one of the major practices with offices in and outside Stockholm. The practice’s new curtain walled office building, designed to be ecologically sustainable, in Stockholm’s Söder district is its flagship. The Swedes are undoubtedly pioneers in the integration of building and ecological sustainability requirements.

In urban planning the Swedes are ahead of Finns, and as an example we can cite Hammarby Sjöstad with its landscaped surroundings. The housing area of Stockholm’s St. Erik is an example of the non-modern movement. The strong surge of foreign architecture into Sweden is visible in places like Malmö, where we can see Santiago Calatrava’s residential skyscraper and a university building by the Swiss practice Diener & Diener. The strong presence of foreign architects is also linked with names such as Henning Larsen, Niels Torp and Norman Foster, with Rafael Moneo as the pioneer of the tradition. Christian Gullichsen’s Finnish Embassy in Stockholm is an outstanding example of Finnish architecture in Sweden.

Sweden offers numerous high quality environmental construction projects that are worth seeing!

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