Why choose Archtours?

A well planned architectural tour can be http://www.viagra-in-canada.com/viagra-in-ottawa/ buy viagra in ottawa a part of the marketing strategy of a private or public corporation. It is a chance to solidify customer relations by introducing them to the values that the organisation considers important. A shared experience promotes commitment to future cooperation. Customer orientation is an important part of the tour.

The tour can be a part of an educational itinerary. Architects and urban planners overnight canadian viagra update their professional skills through further training, and in this case the tour programme will focus on a particular theme and include many meetings with experts. We have organised events and seminars for architectural associations, where participation in different parts of the programme earned the participants study credits.
A university may organise an intensive field trip for students. Our aim is to offer universities and similar clients low-budget options if requested.

People travelling together learn to know one another. This provides direct benefits when a group of professionals in different fields sets out to run a large building project together. Good examples are worth their weight in gold at such times. A group of that kind wants to meet experts and to see high standard projects. Meetings form an integral part of the programme. We can also promote the emergence of dialogue between parties with various methods of interaction.

A consulting firm may reward its staff or reinforce solidarity and commitment by organising a weekend trip or an excellent dinner in an unforgettable location.

If situations like the above are of interest to you, it makes sense to choose Archtours as your tour operator. Archtours’ operation is based on the unique contents of the programmes it provides. Being able to book the whole tour as a coordinated entity from a one-stop-shop is also a significant benefit for the customer. In most cases we are able to provide the entire tour package at a competitive price.

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