New public spaces and transport hubs in Hamburg

Hamburg has been a trending spot for our clients in the past few seasons. Besides seeing the world-famous Elbphilharmonie and IBA areas, the city offers an interesting mix of projects, ranging from the new HafenCity developments to urban housing solutions, as well as traffic improvements and waterfront areas.

Ministry of Urban Development and Environment in Wilhelmsburg, photo by Sami Heikinheimo

One of the newest developments in the city is the Niederhafen River Promenade, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and completed this year, 2019. The 625-metre area serves as a beautiful public space with unrestricted views of the port and the Elbe, as well as a part of the city’s flood protection system. The promenade also incorporates cycling lanes, accessibility through ramps and a restaurant space into the flood protection system.

View from the St.Pauli Fish Market and Park Fiction, photo by Sami Heikinheimo

Another newly opened public space is the Baakenpark in HafenCity. The 1,6 ha recreational park links the north and south neighbourhoods, creating a multi-use space for families, students and the elderly.

Elbbrücken Underground Station by Linus Rogge

One way the view the growing area is by arriving at the new Elbrücken Underground station, opened December 2018. The design by architect von gmp brings the railway carriage up from below ground, to a stop at the Elbe bridges height level. The development is covered by a glass roof in a crescent moon shape, twisted steel beams creating a diamond-shaped grid, and all in all a great example of architecture and structural engineering.

Text: Kiira Halinen, inspired by Frank Görge

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