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Office buildings in downtown Helsinki, Finland One day

Wood construction is traditionally a distinctive part of Nordic architecture. Ecological innovations combatting climate change are arising from this tradition. For example, construction technologies related to multistorey timber buildings are developing rapidly. One of the most interesting, ongoing massive timber frame construction project in Finland is Wood City, a development in Jätkäsaari-Ruoholahti bay area. This, up to eight stories tall building complex, is constructed entirely from wood, including the supporting structures. It is a mixed-use building complex containing e.g. the headquarters of Supercell, the famous mobile game developer.

On the other side of the bay, Telakkaranta district is being developed. The new headquarters of European Chemicals Agency ECHA form a landmark of the area. The development consists of several sustainable and carbon-wise solutions. For example, the eight storey high building has been partly build on top of an old building, whose exterior has been protected. The use of brick and its metal cladding connects the building to the dockyard surroundings.

On the other side of the city centre, the headquarters of the OP bank is an excellent example of how an office building can form a small community providing all the services you may need in your daily life. This saves time and cuts emissions when less travelling is needed. The very fine and high quality details of the building by JKMM Architects uplift the day!

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