Trondheim – A hub of sustainable solutions

One of the most exciting new destinations on the architecture and urban expansion scene is Trondheim, located on the river Nidelva. With a population of

Iceland – a land of powerful nature and versatile architecture

Similar to the vibrant Reykjavik, Icelandic architecture is a mixture of different design influences and styles, ranging from the Viking Era and resourceful construction of

New public spaces and transport hubs in Hamburg

Hamburg has been a trending spot for our clients in the past few seasons. Besides seeing the world-famous Elbphilharmonie and IBA areas, the city offers

Helsinki from the sea

In the summertime, Archtours produces boat tours together with Strömma. Get to know the city from a new perspective, seeing the newest developments and areas

Vienna and Bratislava – Cooperating across borders

Separated by the Iron Curtain for decades in the past, these two cities have never been closer. Only 55 kilometers lie between the capitals Vienna

New Nordic housing in the harbour area of Helsinki

Jätkäsaari is a harbour area in Helsinki that is being converted into a dense urban housing area. It is also home to one of the

New Housing in Amsterdam

Explore residential architecture in Amsterdam Amsterdam is one of the world’s leaders in innovative housing architecture. The growing city becomes denser by building new areas

Modern and multifaceted Milan

One of our most popular destinations currently is Milan. Boasting a rich architectural history and vibrant cultural scene, Milan is a beautiful place to visit also for its many new developments and areas.

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