Meet the new Archtours shareholder team

Our new shareholder team consists of CEO and Owner Kiira Halinen, and two architect partners, Noora Laak and Kuutti Halinen.

Kiira Halinen and Noora Laak are former colleagues, and Kiira Halinen and Kuutti Halinen are cousins. All three currently reside in Helsinki.

Kiira Halinen

Kiira Halinen has a strong international background in event production, and marketing and communication. Halinen graduated as a Cultural Analyst from the University of Amsterdam (Research Master of Arts, 2012), where she focused on modern art management. Halinen has also studied art history, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Culture from the University of Brighton in 2009. She was the Co-Founder of the Fluidi Arts and Culture Association, in which she also operated as the Chairman of the Board and Head of Administration. Halinen has produced cultural visits at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was responsible for Jätkäsaari’s urban planning exhibition space and its operations as part of the Helsinki City Office’s communication team and Helsinki City Planning Department, and worked as a marketing and communications expert for a large Nordic security group, focusing especially on brand and responsibility issues. On the financial side, Halinen has worked for Amex and Visa. Halinen has lived in New York, Rome, Berlin, Budapest, Stockholm, Brighton and Amsterdam, so she is very familiar with many cities that are important for Archtours’ operations. Halinen’s hobbies include photography and adventuring in nature.


Noora Laak

Architect Noora Laak works as a zoning planner for the city of Vantaa and as a teacher at Aalto University’s Department of Architecture in the subjects of History of Architecture and Community Planning. Laak’s special interest is the transformation of ideas and ideologies into the built environment, both in ancient Rome and in modern suburbs. From these thoughts, the podcast “Ajatuksia kaupungista”(Thoughts about the City) was founded together with the architect Jussi Ukkonen. In her spare time, Laak enjoys playing football and urban politics.


Kuutti Halinen

Kuutti Halinen is an architect and partner in the award-winning architectural office AOR. In recent years, Halinen has focused on developing school construction and finding ways to promote sustainable construction through modern wooden architecture. Halinen feels that architectural competitions create good conditions for the future of building heritage. In his free time, Halinen enjoys playing guitar in a band.



Photos: Hijran Kiroran

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