Modern housing and high-rise building

Study modern housing, intelligent infrastructure and hybrid high-rise developments in one tour, meet designers and planners!

Helsinki region, Finland 1-2 days

High- and low-rise developments are arising on the both sides of the city centre. These new urban developments contain several interesting solutions in socially mixed housing, urban infrastructure and logistics, as well as mixed use and energy efficiency.

Helsinki is constantly developing its shoreline areas around the city centre. Jätkäsaari is a former harbour that is being converted into a dense urban housing area. Innovative residential architecture and various forms of housing is displayed in just a few blocks’ area. The central waste management system is highly developed and there are high-quality public parks. The planning policies can be further discussed with a Helsinki city presentative along the tour.

Similarly, on the other side of town, the former harbour area of Kalasatama is being built along the coast, providing great traffic connections, while still maintaining a feel of a cosy neighbourhood with its townhouses and playful public art. Situated next to Kalasatama metro station is Majakka, a high-rise development consisting of apartment blocks rising on top of shopping centre facilities. The development contains several ecological solutions, such as a rooftop garden, which can be presented by one of the designers.

Are you interested in a study trip to the modern neighbourhoods of Helsinki? Contact us, and we will plan a tour tailored for your group.

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