Walking tour in the city centre

Book a walking tour in Helsinki city centre with short visits to public interiors to see the architectural gems!

City walk in the centre of Helsinki, Finland
2-3 hours

Finnish architecture from the late nineteenth century to the present day is presented as its best in the central area of Helsinki. At the very heart of Helsinki, the changes in style and the rise of modern movement can be followed on a well-planned walking tour.

The historical centre of Helsinki consists of the neoclassical Senate Square, designed by Carl Ludvig Engel. At the turn of the twentieth century the buildings were decorated with motifs from the Finnish mythology and forests. In the 1930s, most Finnish architects, including Alvar Aalto, took to modernism. His development as an architect can be observed in several buildings in the central area. In addition to Aalto, there are the works of several other Finnish modernists worth seeing! Today, central Helsinki is continuously developed, and several aspirational projects have been completed in recent years.

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