New urban development, design and high-rise

In Milan, you will see how an old city can be renewed. Milan is a hub for design and fashion brands, but it also has impressive high-rises and fascinating green zones.

New urban development, design and high-rise

The new face of the old city centre

Porta Nuova is an ambitious city development project aiming to combine three separate areas. It is developing an extensive, previously neglected area in the heart of the city into a consistent urban area. The area will have apartments and offices, as well as high-quality parks and green zones. Sustainable development has been taken into account, and all of the buildings in the area have LEED Gold certification.

Another forward-looking district near the centre of Milan is the CityLife area. Studio Liebeskind and the Zaha Hadid and Arata Isozaki agencies won the competition to prepare a general plan for the area. CityLife combines commercial facilities with residential buildings, with special attention being paid to pleasant pedestrian zones.

The capital of fashion and design

Milan is the capital of fashion and design, which is also reflected in new construction projects in the city. The Armani/Silos exhibition facility, designed by Giorgio Armani himself, is dedicated to fashion. It was built in an old silo. Prada Fondazione, designed by OMA, also offers a perspective on design thinking.

Green high-rise

The prominent features of architecture in Milan include the Bosco Vertical residential towers. Around 900 trees have been planted on the walls and balconies of these 18-storey and 24-storey buildings.

Through Archtours, you can study the architecture in Milan with a local guide. The boldface titles are examples of our themed tours in Milan. Contact us, and we will plan a tour tailored for your group.

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