Energy-efficient construction and renovations

Berlin offers a great deal to learn about energy-efficient construction and renovations. The city is also known for its historic sites.

Energy-efficient construction and renovations

In terms of energy efficiency, construction in Germany has progressed in leaps and bounds. You can visit buildings from the 1960s that have been renovated into energy-efficient buildings. One of the commercial buildings from the 1950s was recently converted into a modern shopping and entertainment centre.

Berlin has always been regarded as a laboratory for construction. Interesting developments are taking place, particularly in Berlin Mitte, with the emergence of next-generation urban buildings for residential, commercial and office purposes. Residential areas in Berlin have been developed with a sense of community in mind. This is reflected in their unconventional division into private and public spaces.

The city has an exceptionally eventful history. The two parts of the divided city were combined in 1989, and an extensive master plan was prepared in the 1990s, which determined the key areas for the development of the city. The Europa-City office district is emerging in the former no man’s land.

Berlin is also a treasure trove of historic sites, from residential areas designed by Bruno Taut in the early twentieth century to the Corbusierhaus building and the monumental Karl-Marx-Allee.

Through Archtours, you can study the architecture in Berlin with a local guide. Contact us, and we will plan a tour tailored for your group.

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