Urban living favours energy efficiency, sustainability and a sense of community

Urbanisation is a global megatrend. Through architecture and city planning, the growing capitals of Europe seek to create lively districts with a diverse range of housing: rental apartments, owner-occupied flats, right-of-residence apartments, student flats and shared apartments for seniors.

Urban living favours energy efficiency, sustainability and a sense of community

The growing cities of Europe are building new residential districts in coastal areas and converting old industrial areas and harbours into residential areas. Unique identities are being created for these new areas, by means of culture, for example.

To fight climate change and improve air quality, many growing cities in Europe are investing in improving their public transport systems and creating car-free zones. Environmental responsibility is an essential part of residential construction, as housing represents around one-third of each individual’s carbon footprint. European cities have sought to overcome this challenge by building low-energy and passive-energy houses, and through wood construction, for example.

Lifestyles are becoming more diverse, which requires more flexible housing solutions, and designers must have problem-solving skills based on a resident-centred approach. The ageing population and increasingly diverse forms of family, as well as goals related to accessibility and multipurpose facilities, are posing challenges for construction.

Social housing production is a hot issue in large cities, where rents are increasing exponentially. Many growing cities have examples of pioneering and interesting current implementations of social housing projects.

Through Archtours, you can learn more about the trends in residential construction in practice. Contact us, and we will plan a tour tailored for your group.

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