Succesful housing and wooden high-rises

The growing metropolis of Vienna is a prime example of successful housing policy. It also leads the way in office and wood construction, and the Vienna Business School campus is an example of new trends in modern architecture. Of course, you will also be able to experience wonderful aspects of the history of European architecture, from art nouveau to Looshaus.

Succesful housing and wooden high-rises

Succesful housing policy

Vienna has a long history of social housing production. Its funding system effectively produces housing options at affordable prices, with high-quality results. Social housing production in Vienna is guided by ecological considerations and architectural criteria, in addition to financial criteria. Examples of conversions in residential construction include the Gasometer apartments, which were built in old gas tanks.

New residential areas and high-rise wooden buildings

Aspern Seestadt, or Aspern Lake Town, is a new lakeside district. Once completed in the late 2020s, this area will have around 20,000 residents and an equal number of jobs. Semi-public yards with greenery, as well as shared facilities, are characteristic of the new area.

Interesting sites also include a block of multistorey wooden buildings. The construction of one of the world’s highest wooden skyscrapers began in Aspern in 2016.

Tall and impressive: offices and university buildings

Hauptbahnhof Wien, the new main railway station, was completed in 2015. The office and high-rise area of Sonnwendviertel is emerging near the station and will include an extensive block of Erste Bank buildings, among other sites.

The campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business represents the newest university architecture. It is an entirely new, energy-efficient campus designed by internationally renowned architectural agencies, such as Zaha Hadid Architecture.

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