Sustainability and progressive residential areas

Stockholm is known for its progressive residential areas and sustainability. Stockholm is growing and city structures are being densified in old railway areas, industrial blocks and harbours, where new residential and office buildings are emerging in line with the principles of sustainable development.

Sustainability and progressive residential areas

Hammarsby Sjöstad

The Hammarby Sjöstad area in Stockholm is known for its investments in ecological and energy efficiency. The area combines living by the sea with high-quality landscape and residential architecture. This maritime theme is reflected in the architecture of many residential sites. The area is enlivened by bridges and marinas, and buildings have large balconies, as well as terraces similar to those on ships.

Growing Stockholm

Norra Djurgårdsstaden – that is, the Hjorthagen and Värtahamnen district in the north-eastern harbour area – is the largest city development project currently in progress in Sweden. A new, extensive district is being built among the ship terminals, district heating plants and warehouses in Värtahamnen.

Telefonplan, Kista and Liljeholmen are also interesting areas in terms of the development of the city. The residential area of Vällingby, which was built in the 1950s, has been successfully enlivened by constructing new buildings and fostering the attractive features of the old part.

The growing, dense city is also renewing its services and public buildings. The Nya Karolinska Solnan hospital is one of the most extensive hospital projects in the Nordic countries. Several new university buildings have also been constructed. The sculpture-like new building of the School of Architecture at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology was completed in 2015, and the new main building of the Royal College of Music was completed in 2016.

Wood construction and sustainable development

Swedish architecture includes a strong tradition in wooden construction, which is also reflected in new buildings. In Stockholm, the city structure has successfully been complemented with new wooden buildings.

Stockholm has been implementing a city strategy focusing on the environment and sustainable development for a long time. The city is being developed on the terms of pedestrian traffic and public transport. Citybanan, the public transport connection with its impressive stations, is making traffic run more smoothly in the city centre.

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