Alvar Aalto in Helsinki

A tour to Alvar Aalto´s works, both private and public, with visits to the finest interiors, is a must have!

The works  of Alvar Aalto in Helsinki One day

Architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) grew up from a boy who built elaborate snow castles under imperial Russian rule, to be the head designer for the new republic. A one-day tour can take you to see some of his masterworks, with visits inside. At the same time you are taken to follow his development as an architect and person. The Finlandia Hall is an example of Aalto’s monumental side, while the National Pensions Building and the House of Culture for the Communist Party reveal his socially broad-minded attitude. Aalto’s cosy studio brings to life the numerous anecdotes about him.

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Carbon neutral and energy efficient office building

Explore some of the new office and hybrid use developments with sustainable solutions!

Office buildings in downtown Helsinki, Finland One day

Wood construction is traditionally a distinctive part of Nordic architecture. Ecological innovations combatting climate change are arising from this tradition. For example, construction technologies related to multistorey timber buildings are developing rapidly. One of the most interesting, ongoing massive timber frame construction project in Finland is Wood City, a development in Jätkäsaari-Ruoholahti bay area. This, up to eight stories tall building complex, is constructed entirely from wood, including the supporting structures. It is a mixed-use building complex containing e.g. the headquarters of Supercell, the famous mobile game developer.

On the other side of the bay, Telakkaranta district is being developed. The new headquarters of European Chemicals Agency ECHA form a landmark of the area. The development consists of several sustainable and carbon-wise solutions. For example, the eight storey high building has been partly build on top of an old building, whose exterior has been protected. The use of brick and its metal cladding connects the building to the dockyard surroundings.

On the other side of the city centre, the headquarters of the OP bank is an excellent example of how an office building can form a small community providing all the services you may need in your daily life. This saves time and cuts emissions when less travelling is needed. The very fine and high quality details of the building by JKMM Architects uplift the day!

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Walking tour in the city centre

Book a walking tour in Helsinki city centre with short visits to public interiors to see the architectural gems!

City walk in the centre of Helsinki, Finland
2-3 hours

Finnish architecture from the late nineteenth century to the present day is presented as its best in the central area of Helsinki. At the very heart of Helsinki, the changes in style and the rise of modern movement can be followed on a well-planned walking tour.

The historical centre of Helsinki consists of the neoclassical Senate Square, designed by Carl Ludvig Engel. At the turn of the twentieth century the buildings were decorated with motifs from the Finnish mythology and forests. In the 1930s, most Finnish architects, including Alvar Aalto, took to modernism. His development as an architect can be observed in several buildings in the central area. In addition to Aalto, there are the works of several other Finnish modernists worth seeing! Today, central Helsinki is continuously developed, and several aspirational projects have been completed in recent years.

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Modern housing and high-rise building

Study modern housing, intelligent infrastructure and hybrid high-rise developments in one tour, meet designers and planners!

Helsinki region, Finland 1-2 days

High- and low-rise developments are arising on the both sides of the city centre. These new urban developments contain several interesting solutions in socially mixed housing, urban infrastructure and logistics, as well as mixed use and energy efficiency.

Helsinki is constantly developing its shoreline areas around the city centre. Jätkäsaari is a former harbour that is being converted into a dense urban housing area. Innovative residential architecture and various forms of housing is displayed in just a few blocks’ area. The central waste management system is highly developed and there are high-quality public parks. The planning policies can be further discussed with a Helsinki city presentative along the tour.

Similarly, on the other side of town, the former harbour area of Kalasatama is being built along the coast, providing great traffic connections, while still maintaining a feel of a cosy neighbourhood with its townhouses and playful public art. Situated next to Kalasatama metro station is Majakka, a high-rise development consisting of apartment blocks rising on top of shopping centre facilities. The development contains several ecological solutions, such as a rooftop garden, which can be presented by one of the designers.

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Helsinki offers a variety of interesting developments and themes to explore, both in new and old architecture, as well as sustainable solutions and innovative housing and urban planning.

In the city centre, we take you on a tour of Finnish architecture from 19th century to present day. You will see Alvar Aalto’s world-renowned modernist buildings, as well as gems of Jugendstil/Art Nouveau architecture. You will also take a look at the most recent Finnish architecture, such as the wooden Kamppi Chapel of Silence, Helsinki University campus library Kaisa, the Think Corner open space, as well as the lobby and courtyard of the new underground Amos Rex Museum, to name a few. You will hear about the Töölö Bay masterplan, admire the Finlandia Hall exterior, take a walk through the Music Centre and of course visit inside the new central library Oodi, awarded the 2019 Public Library of the Year.

In Otaniemi, the Aalto University Campus offers classic architectural gems such as Dipoli, Otaniemi Chapel and the Aalto Undergraduate Centre, combined with new projects such as the Väre building, home to the Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and the award-winning Harald Herlin Learning Centre. The area creates an exciting hub of education, working and living with an international community, providing an easy 10-minute commute to the city centre with the new West Metro and its new stations.

Helsinki is constantly developing new areas around its centre. Jätkäsaari has become an area of innovative housing solutions and international travel with its new ferry terminal. Similarly, on the other side of town, the area of Kalasatama is being built along the coast, providing great traffic connections and commercial facilities, while still feeling like a cozy neighbourhood with its townhouses. Up and coming is also the large area of Laajasalo, combining living, the sea and nature, which will next be connected to the centre by easy access over Crown Bridges, due to be completed in 2026.

Sustainability can be seen in the Finnish architectural scene most visibly in the use of wood, that can be found in various areas of the city, in many different uses. Some of the most interesting projects include Wood City in Jätkäsaari, the wooden housing and architecture of Viikki and upcoming neighbourhoods of Honkasuo and Kuninkaantammi, and the award-winning public sauna Löyly.

Helsinki offers an endless list of fascinating projects to explore. Contact us, and we will plan a tour tailored for your group.


New school architecture in the Helsinki region

Explore innovative learning spaces which form an integral part of the internationally acclaimed Finnish school system.

Helsinki and Espoo, Finland1-2 days

Finland´s successful education system is supported by high quality architecture in schools, day-care centres, universities and public buildings. Their innovative learning spaces are an integral part of the internationally acclaimed Finnish school system. Many of the designs have been selected through architectural competitions. Helsinki and Espoo constitute a growing region with a large number of day-care centre and school construction projects.

A tour can take you to several learning spaces. In addition to visits, you can have the opportunity to meet both the designers and users of some of the schools. While new schools exhibit the current trends in education architecture, older campuses have shown to stand the test of time and meet the needs of today. A good example of the new and old learning spaces is  the Aalto University campus, which was originally designed by Alvar Aalto. In recent years new buildings, such as Väre building, have given a new vibe to the area.

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